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Painting, Wizards, Kitchen, Beer, Potato Chips, Robe, Barbara Hambly, Hambly, Golden Palms, Munson, Chips, matt_029,  A Time of the Dark, dark, The Wizard In The Kitchen, Wizard In The Kitchen
Painting, Fantasy, Wizards, Magic, Throne, Pentangle, Candles, scream, cape, chair, sun, matt_046, Sorcerer
Painting, Wizards, Humor, beard, Stage, Robe, De Camp, L. Sprague, matt_064, pointy hat, The Wizard Convention, L. Sprague DeCamp
Painting, Wizard, Fantasy, Archway, Sword, Hambly, Barbara, robe, sword, smoke, ray, moss, kneel, submit, McQuarrie, scowl, fear, matt_092, Armies Of Daylight, Barbara Hambly
Painting, Wizards, Fantasy, Monsters, New York, Gems, Robe, Beard, Subway, Portrait, Hawke, Simon
Painting, Fantasy, Wizards, Dragons, Explosions, Robe, Rocks, The Burning Realm, Reaves, J. Michael, Tyler Smith,
Painting, Wizards, Fantasy, Paris, Simon Hawke, The Wizard Of Rue Morgue, Hawke, Simon, cleavage, breasts, red hair, spell, Eiffel Tower, france, paris, circle, sun, monsters,
Painting, Wizards, Fantasy, Monsters, Tattoo, Snake, Fire, Simon Hawke, The Samurai Wizard, Hawke, Simon, fire, Cathe, Cathleen, tear, shirt, kimono, robe,
Painting, Wizards, Fantasy, Humor, Dragons, Los Angeles, Knife, Mohawk, Simon Hawke,  Wizard Of Sunset Strip, Michael Jackson, Neon, jacket, leather, records, Puckey, Capitol Records
Painting, Wizards, Fantasy, Space, Dragon, Cape, Fire, Roger Zelazny, Wizard World, John W. Mattingly, father, wizard, Tyler Smith, spell, glow, path, planet,
Painting, Wizards, Fantasy, Humor, Subway, Staff, Robe, Levitation, Mother, Wife, Advertisement, Hat, Skull, Hawke, Simon, concrete, Phyllis Mattingly, Cathleen Cogswell, levitate, robe, hat, Phyllis Mattingly, Cathe, Hose head, Shaw, pole, cape, The Subw
Painting, Wizards, Fantasy, Cat, Unicorn, Simon Hawke, Wizard, Santa Fe, Hawke, Simon, Annie, clockwork, horse, plaza, old town, ride, The Wizard Of Santa Fe
Painting, Fantasy, Dragonunicorns, Elf, Dwarf, Glasses, Scientist, The Inadequate Adept, Simon Hawke, Hawke, Simon
Painting, Wizards,  Heroes, Heroines, Dimensions, Cat, Romance, Castles, Esther Friesner, Majik By Accident, Friesner, Esther, romance, embrace, tabby, Mattingly, portal, pointy, blond, cudgel, flying carpet, carpet,
Painting, Wizards, Mythstree, Lightning, Simon Hawke, Wizard, Camelot, Hawke, Simon, tree, split staff, pointy hat, yell, explosion, The Wizard Of Camelot
Painting, Fantasy, Ether Friesner, Majyk By Hook Or Crook, Friesner, Esther, books, fish, curtain, cape, Mattingly, giant, hourglass, windows,
Computer, Generated, CGI, Wizards, Fantasy, Lightning, Rocks, Frost,

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