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A Time of the Dark
Twilight of the Gods
The Subway Wizard
Wizard World
Cenotaph Road#5
The Little Helliad
Majik By Accident
Samurai Wizard
The Clocks Of Iraz
Pandora'S Children
The Aquiliad
King Of Ys: Gallicenae
King Of Ys: Roma Mater
The Wizard Of Fourth Street
Yarril'S Children
The Burning Realm
 Walls Of Air
American Gothic 3000
Starship and Hiaku
Blade of the Poisoner
Seeking the Dream Brother
Time Wars #1
Time Wars #2
The Black Throne
Mansions of Space
Harpy High
Maske Thaery
A Time of the Dark
Majyk By Hook or Crook
Savage Sword
Time Spike
Barbarian Battle

All artwork copyright © David B. Mattingly All rights reserved