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Painting, Barbarians, Barbarian, Castle, Battles, matt_077, Architecture Barbarian
Time Wars, Armor, Tommy Gun, Machine Gun, Shield, Knight, Hawke, Simon, machine gun, matt_083,, Gambit, Time, Wars, Time Wars  #1: The Ivanhoe Gambit, The Ivanhoe Gambit, Ivanhoe, Gambit, Simon Hawke
Painting, Fantasy, Legend, Heroes,  Space, Galaxy, Pillar, Roman, Ruins, Fire, Throne, Cape, Scepter, Space Suit, Ben Bova, Orion, Bova, Ben, moon, statue, throne, astronaut, helmet, eyes, wind, blue, smoke, steps, stairs, flyers, muscles, ruler, monach,
Painting, Time, Warp, sword, Light, Saber, Musketeer,  Time Wars, Hawke, Simon, plume, cape, belt, ruffle, gloves, hat, glow, flare, matt_089, Timekeeper, Conspiracy, Time Wars  #2: The Timekeeper Conspiracy, Simon Hawke
Painting, Fantasy, Magic, Spider, Cape, Fire, Cenotaph, Vardeman, Robert, Mattingly, tome, tomestone, fog, sword, matt_090, Cenotaph Road#5: Fire And Fog, Cenotaph Road#5, Fire And Fog
Painting, Wizards, Fantasy, Heroes, Heroines, Magic, Door, Spells, Barbara Hambly, Robe, Sword, Stone, Staff, Hambly, Barbara, matt_093, Walls Of Air
Painting, Fantasy, Legends, Warriors, Monsters, Fire, Camp Fire, Tree, Antlers, Cape, Water, Moonheart, De Lint, Charles, Moon, antlers, Tyler Smith, matt_096, Charles DeLint
Painting, Fantasy, Humor, Clock, King, Gears, The Clocks Of Iraz, De Camp, L. Sprague, L. Sprague De Camp
Painting, Fantasy, Barbarians, Barbarian, Fire, Bones, Conan, Attack On The Skeleton Bridge
Painting, Fantasy, Humor, Roman, Dinosaur, Indian, The Aquiliad, S.P Somtow, Somtow, S.P.
Painting, Fantasy, Legends,Roman, Scepter, Cape, Gate, Spire, Owl, Statue, Armor, Helmet, Rays, Anderson, Poul, Karen, Barbara, Rome, King Of Ys: Gallicenae, King Of Ys, Gallicenae
Painting, Fantasy, Legends,Roman, City, Dress, Gates, Mountains, Anderson, Poul, Karen, Barbara, yellow, blond, bull, statue, water, sun, owl, bird, shield, Rome, King Of Ys: Roma Mater, King Of Ys, Roma Mater, Poul and Karen Anderson
Painting, Fantasy, Hell, Devil, Book, Scuba, Soldier, Bridge, Morris, Gates, Gondola, Greek, Mythology, Gods, Castle, Sunset, Fire, Totem, Death, Styx, River, Morris, Janet, Hell Series, The Little Helliad, Janet and Chris Morris
Painting, Fantasy, Other Dimensions, Cities, Future, Grant Wood, Comet, Al Williamson, Staff, American Gothic, Egan, Kevin, Wood, Grant Wood, American Gothic, Gothic, American Gothic 3000, Kevin Egan
Painting, Whales, Water, Kimono, S.P Somtow, Starship And Haiku, Somtow, S.P., splash, rock,
Painting, Fantasy, Bird, Skull, Throne, Robe, Poe, The Black Throne, Saberhagen, Zelazny, Saberhagen And Zelazny, Fred Saberhagen
Painting, Fantasy, Heroes, Heroines, Vulture, Bird, Archer, Child, Sunset, Attack, Sword, Cape, Bluebird, Sun, Douglas Hill, Blade Of The Poisoner
Painting, Fantasy, Monsters, Dragons, Humorbasketball, Hockey Stick, Harpy High, Esther Friesner, Friesner, Esther
Computer, Generated, CGI, Science Fiction, Cataclysms, Wizards, Mars, Volcano, Lightning, Temple, Fire, Death, Cliff, James Hogan, digital
Eric Flint, Marilyn Kosmatka, Dinosaurs, Horse, Conquistidor, volcano, eruption, prison, tower, t-rex, bite, helmet, sword, gun, teeth, blood, eat, pterosaur, pterodatyl, pteranodon ,flying dinosaurs, saddle, boots, armour, armor, matt_425, Time Spike
matt_450, Burroughs, Edgar Rice, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Pellucidar, Tarzan, fantasy, screw, dig, lizard, bones, hills, mountains, bow, arrow, knife, tree, loin, cloth, Pelluciar Series: At The Earths Core, Pelluciar, At The Earths Core

All artwork copyright © David B. Mattingly All rights reserved