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Jack Vance

Painting, Aliens, Castle, Moon, Jack Vance, Galactic Effectuator, Vance, Jack, matt_009, Galactic Effectuator, Galactic, Effectuator
Painting, Fantasy, Sail, Boat, Water, Fire, Marine, Vance, Jack, Jack Vance, Sail, matt_015,  Showboat World
Painting, Weapons, Weapon, Mask, City, Flyer, Ray Gun, Vance, Jack, matt_025, To Live Forever, Jack Vance
Painting, Fantasy, Planets, Planet, Montage, Knife, Jack Vance, Maske Thaery, Vance, Jack, matt_031,
Painting, Fantasy, Aliens, Fishing, Net, Vance, Jack, Jack Vance, planet, water, floating, village, spear, matt_049, The Blue World
Painting, Fantasy, Aliens, Artist, Painting, Vance, Vance, Jack, Kent, Adams, Barbara, matt_061, Alastor: Wyst, Alastor, Wyst, Jack Vance
Painting, Fantasy, Aliens, Mask, Vance, Jack, matt_062, girl, sheet, Alastor: Marune,  Alastor, Marune,  Jack Vance
Painting, Fantasy, Aliens, Helmet, Vance,  Jack, matt_063, helmet, point, boobs, Alastor: Trullion, Alastor, Trullion, Jack Vance
Painting, Barbarians, Barbarian, Fantasy,  Aliens, Montage, Vance, Jack, Mattingly, matt_069, cape, dome, The Gray Prince, Jack Vance
Painting, Aliens, Space Ships, Space Ship, Dragons, City, Mountains, Jack Vance, Vance, Jack, matt_081, Dragonmaster

All artwork copyright © David B. Mattingly All rights reserved