Honor Harrington
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A great online gallery, with an emphasis on the Pre-Raphaelites and Orientalists. If you love Gerome, Burne-Jones or Bouguereau, this will be a valuable resource. If only they would include a few Pollacks in their collection.....

Baen books has one of the most entertaining web sites in all of publishing, with a lively discussion board, samples, and unexpected extras.

This online magazine was one of the late, great Jim Baen's last projects. It is a worthy final tribute to this forward looking publisher of the best in the Science Fiction. I'll certainly miss Jim, one of the finest minds I have had the pleasure of knowing.

I am a yoga fanatic, and this is the local studio I go to almost every day. Owners Gagan Bhutari and Reetu Jaukhane make this a very special place. Although Suryay Yoga is no longer associated with Bikram, my favorite style of yoga was founded by Bikram Choudhury. See a picture of David and Bikram.

Books Illustrated specialises in book illustrators, both past and present. They sell the original artwork (including Angus McBride), This site is a developing resourse for people interested in illustration.

Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell are the two living masters of the heroic human figure. Anyone who loves fantasy art will love their lively site, full of images.

This is a tribute site to one of my all time favorite comic artists: the late, great John Buscema. His work doesn't have a lot of useless rendering that seems to be so much in vogue in comics these days, but evey line is in just the right place. See a picture of David and John Buscema.

My roommate in college and good friend, Paul Chadwick, is the creator of "Concrete", one of the smartest, best drawn comics published. This is an unofficial site, but it provides a great introduction to his work. Paul's little seen masterpiece: "The World Below".

Peter Ellenshaw, and his son, Harrison, are the greatest special effects matte artists ever. Harrison was my mentor at Disney Studios. This site features a selection of their landscape and Disney related work, available as fine art Giclée" prints. Check out Peter's vision of Cinderella's glass castle.

What more can I say about Frank Frazetta other than this--he is the "Grand Master"!

With the intellectuality of Michael Whelan, and the technique of an old master, Donato Giancola is one of the bright lights of the current S.F. cover scene.

If you like Alma Tadema, or Herbert Draper, Richard Hescox will be a discovery. Next up for Richard--production of an actual new painting by J.W. Waterhouse!

When Karen Hudson, art director on the Animorphs series, left to pursue her music career, Scholastic Inc lost a great designer...but the alternative country music world gained a superb singer/songwriter. Check out her tunes!

Another master of comic book illustration, Mike Kaluta has an Alphonse Mucha-esque attention to design and interweaving line. His overlooked adaptation of James Cameron's "The Abyss" is arguably even better than the movie.

Is Thomas Kidd the greatest artist ever to live? Barclay Shaw thinks he is, but you be the judge! Be sure to check out Tom's "Gnemo" work while on the site.

Richard and Caroline Lainhart are both a artists. Richard is a deep and thoughtful musician, Caroline an astonishing designer. This site showcases both of their talents.

My bother Jim is not only a talented musician, but also one of the great web designers working in the known universe. Check out his work here, and try out his special CD business cards--very cool!

This site was designed by my brother Jim to promote my mother's autobiography, "No Vaseline on My Teeth". Mom died in January 2000, but I decided to leave the site up in tribute to her. The book is no longer available, so you will just have to wonder how she came up with that wacky title!

Kurt Miller has been around for a while, but I became aware of his work when Baen Books started using him. He combines 2D and 3D with ease, and fills his images with tremendous energy and detail.

Looking for unique items to decorate your home with? You can't go wrong with the home accessories and decorator accents from my sister in law Judy's site! You gotta love the dog clock!

Whenever the Bud Plant catalogue arrives in the mail, I know I will end up buying a book or two (or nine). This is the best resource for art books in the known universe.

John Ringo is one of Baen Books authors, writing glorious futuristic military fiction. I did the cover for his latest, "Hell's Faire"

Scholastic is the publisher of the Harry Potter books, along with the Animorphs, Everworld, and Jedi Quest series that I did the covers for. This is a great site.

Artist/sculptor Barclay Shaw is one of the best artists ever to work in science fiction, a visionary of form and texture. He is also a heck of a great friend!

Jim Steranko is the artist who made me want to become an artist. I loved his work when I was a 12 year old kid, and I love it just as much after 20 years of working as an artist.

QLI/RPGRealms is a leading publisher of roleplaying games, for which I did the cover for the latest release of the award winning 'Traveller' series. I've also done the cover for their upcoming Honor Harrington roleplaying game.

Pat Turner is one of the mainstays of the Baen Books line, and does wonderful combinations of CGI and traditional painting. Also, check out his great, historically accurate military illustration.

Charles Vess is the best drawer of cats ever to touch pen to paper. His work exudes mystical charm, full of dark forests, elves, mists and nighttime spirits. His illustrated "Midsummer Nights Dream" is a masterwork. Check out his portrait of my wife Cathleen and our cats.

David Weber is the author of the "Honor Harrington" books, and one of Baen Books most prolific and successful authors.

The Web Gallery of Art is an amazing online gallery of classical art—something like 11,000 online pictures, many at high resolution.

Michael Whelan is a remarkably intellectual artist of breathtaking technical skill. Each new painting is more transcendental than the last. Next up for Michael—a single painting that brings spiritual enlightenment to all the world!

Steve Youll is a close friend, and an truly great artist. Another illustrator who has made a seamless transition to working digitally, I look forward to every new image that comes out of his studio.

Mark is a talented astronomical artist in the style of Chesley Bonestell. He also does sci fi illustration--check out his site!

Kurt Miller is one of the most exciting illustrators to come along for years. His work is bursting with energy and excitement, and his unusual color choices always makes his work jump off the shelf.